WILDWOOD - solo cello suite - performed by Martin Johnson. Click here to order on bandcamp now.

The Ring Lieder - on poems by Roderick Ford -

EP available for digital download and CD here:

View the poems here

What Was - my debut album on ergodos records can be purchased here: ergodos

The Irish Double Bass - by Malachy Robinson - Featuring his arrangement of my piece “Twilight” - Available to purchase from Bandcamp

A Way A Lone A Last - Lina Andonovska - featuring my piece “A Breath of Fresh Air” - Available to purchase from Diatribe records

101 BPM - an anonymous collection of electronic tracks featuring a track of mine - Available to purchase from Countersunk

Reflections - Concorde ensemble cd featuring my piece “…within an egg of space…” Available for purchase from Navona records

Dubh - Trio Scordatura cd featuring my piece “hush” - available for purchase here: ergodos

By the new time - compilation of electronic works compiled by Roger Doyle featuring my piece Accumulation. Available for purchase from the Contemporary Music Centre

Clang Sayne - The Round Sould Of The World - Currently based in Ireland, the group features Laura Hyland on voice and guitar, Judith Ring on voice and cello, Matthew Jacobson on drums and voice, and Carolyn Goodwin on bass clarinet and voice. Purchase album here: Clang Sayne

Clang Sayne was formed by Laura Hyland in London in 2008 to fuse myriad influences spanning folk song, sound art and literature into a soundworld she describes as ‘songscape’. Reviewers have dubbed it an “an uncategorizable approach to songcraft” and “exhilarating in its refusal to conform”.