PERFORMANCES (by piece):

The River Was Never Afraid - written for Evlana ensemble

The Sylph (2017) - one of the Ring Lieder collection.

Swept Through the Floods (2023) - written for Larissa O’Grady (violin and tape)

Everything was asleep as if the universe was a vast mistake (2022) - written for the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland as part of the Contemporary Music Centre’s composer lab.

Winter Wisps Softly Dissipate (2022) - written for Christian-Pierre La Marca (cello) and Félician Brut’s (accordion) Music Network tour of Ireland, November 2022

Commissioned by Music Network.

Of Woods and Water (2022) - written for the Appalachian Chamber Music Festival, USA

The Weaver (2020) - written for The Guinness Choir under the direction of David Milne

Twilight (2018) - arranged by Malachy Robinson for double bass

Across the Empty Squares (2021) for Dermot Dunne - Accordion and tape

is it over yet? (2020) for Lina Andonovska - Flute duo

A Breath of Fresh Air (2019) for Lina Andonovska - Flute solo

Wildwood (2018) for Martin Johnson - cello solo

Upbeat Furore (2019) for Kate Ellis - cello solo

Dusting the Moth (2018) for Mary Dullea - solo piano

The Black Stone Sinks Deeply (2018) for Silver Kites - vocal trio

Echoes Faintly Shimmer in the Dust (2018) for Silver Kites - vocal trio

Light Casts a Beam Across the Water (2018) for Silver Kites - vocal Trio

Prelude for a Baum (2018) for Silver Kites - vocal trio

Amber (2017) - voice, piano and string trio

Swells and Shoots (2016) for Adele and Martin Johnson - viola and cello.

Swelt Belly At Dawn (2013) for Concorde. Piece for trio – clarinet, violin and cello.

FLUX – jeux de bague (2012) for Ondes Martenot and tape. Written for and in collaboration with Nathalie Forget.

…mad sweet pangs through my belly and breast… (2011), for vocal duo and improvised ensemble.

Commissioned by Michelle O’Rourke with funds from the Arts Council for her vocal duo TRYST (Michelle O’Rourke and Nora Ryan with Dennis Cassidy, Sean Maynard Smith, Jonathan Brigg + guests):

Fine Feathers Far Below The Blue Floor (2011), for viola, piano, clarinet and tape.

Commissioned by Concorde with funds from the Arts Council.

My One’s Bigger Than Yours (2011), for double bass, cello and tape:

To Pull An Eerie Twist (2011), for voice (Michelle O’Rourke), cello (Kate Ellis) and tape:

…within an egg of space… (2009), for sextet and tape:

Commissioned by Concorde ensemble with funds from the Arts Council.

hush… (2008), for the adapted viola and tape:

Invisible Shadows (2008), for chamber orchestra:

Postgraduate commission from the University of York.

Up to my f-holes (2008), for cello and tape:

PER_FORM (2007), for vibraphone and tape:

Whispering The Turmoil Down (2007), for bass clarinet and tape:

4-PLAY (2007), for percussion quartet:

Panoval (2006) for piano, violin and tape.

Metallurgy (2006), for tape:

MOUTHPIECE (2006), for voice and tape or tape alone:

PHORM (2003), for tenor saxophone and tape:

Fusion (2003), for double bass and tape:

Interference (2002), for voice and tape:

STAGGER (2002), for piano:

NOCAN (2002), for tape:

INTERLUDE + MEMBRANE (1999), for tape:

CONGESTION (2001), for tape:

ACCUMULATION (2000), for tape:



  1. CMC, new music​:​:​new Ireland four (2022) - promotional cd featuring 18 composers compositions including my piece “Invisible Scamper” for solo cello performed by Martin Johnson.
  2. WILDWOOD - cello suite written for and performed by Martin Johnson.
  3. A Way A Lone A Last - features my piece “A Breath of Fresh Air” written for and performed by Lina Andonovska.
  4. KnowingUnknowing - Benjamin Dwyer CD features a collaborative piece by myself and Peter Moran Anois ‘s Arís. (2019)
  5. 101 Beats Per Minute - features an electronic piece of mine written especially for this release. (2019)
  6. The Ring Lieder - on poems by Roderick Ford. - EP of 4 songs. (2017)
  7. What Was – Judith Ring – Ergodos records – first complete cd of works (2014)
  8. Reflections – Concorde CD (2010) – featuring …within an egg of space…
  9. Dubh – Trio Scordatura CD – released on Ergodos records (2010) – “hush…”
  10. CMC, CONTEMPORARY MUSIC FROM IRELAND VOL.9 (2010) – “…within an egg of space…” performed by Concorde.
  11. CMC, CONTEMPORARY MUSIC FROM IRELAND VOL.4. (2004) – “phorM” (extract)
  12. THE MUSIC BOARD OF IRELAND – “Nocan” – A collection of contemporary Irish music and film (2004).
  13. BY THE NEW TIME – “Accumulation” Compilation of Irish electro-acoustic music compiled by Roger Doyle. (2001)
  14. 22ND LUIGI RUSSOLO PRIZE – “Accumulation” (2000)