Purchase or stream my EP - The Ring Lieder - on poems by Roderick Ford:

My debut album “What was” is available on ergodos records. You can purchase it through their website.

Here is a track from the album for cello and tape performed on this recording by Kate Ellis:

Below is a selection of live recordings from various concerts over the years.

Listen to a small selection of my work below:

Swells and Shoots - piece for viola and cello written for Adele and Martin Johnson for the Contemporary Music Centre, Dublin’s Salon Series.

Mouthpiece - tape piece written with singer Natasha Lohan in London 2005.

Invisible Shadows - for chamber orchestra - Postgraduate commission from the University of York, 2008.

My One’s Bigger than Yours - Written for and performed by Kate Ellis (cello) and Malachy Robinson (double bass).

…mad sweet pangs through my belly and breast… - Commissioned by singer Michelle O’Rourke for vocal duo Tryst with funds from the Arts Council. Performed here by Michelle O’Rourke (voice), Nora Ryan (voice), Jonathan Brigg (piano), Dennis Cassidy (drums), Sean Maynard Smith (bass), Adrian Hart (violin) and Laura Hyland (vocal textures). Recorded at the Backloft, Dublin, 1 November 2011.

FLUX – jeux de bague (for Nathalie Forget (Ondes Martenot) and tape 2012). Written during my residency in Paris at the Centre Culturel Irlandais.

To Pull an Eerie Twist - Written for and performed by Michelle O’Rourke (voice) and Kate Ellis (cello) with original text written by Emily Crossland.

Accumulation - One of my first pieces was the winner of the 2000 Luigi Russolo composition competition.

fine feathers far below the blue floor - for clarinet, viola, piano and tape. Commissioned by Concorde and performed by Paul Roe, Garth Knox and Jane O’Leary.

…hush - for adapted viola and tape - written for Elizabeth Smalt of Trio Scordatura.