Welcome to my website. I am a composer/musician/performer/artist and all round music lover based in Dublin, Ireland. I have been writing music for over 20 years and have been greatly inspired by living in such places as Berlin, London, York, Paris and Dublin. In general my music stems from the electro-acoustic world and its core technique is based on the practices of musique concrète. Over the years this has expanded and been influenced by more improvised and instrumental territories derived from a deep exploration of instrumental timbre through collaborative projects with a large number of solo musicians. With another side of my writing I have just self released an EP of four songs called The Ring Lieder - on poems by Roderick Ford in which I have explored the world of setting poetry to song. You can purchase my EP here. My debut album What Was is on Ergodos records.

© Olesya Zdorovetska

My work is deeply textural and developed through complex layering techniques. For the most part each piece is highly collaborative as I work closely with musicians to find out what their instruments can do. Over the years I have recorded a wide range of instruments from the standard orchestral choices to the Ondes Martenot and adapted viola. Each player offers something new to the mix and so each piece is unique to the player(s) involved.

I will continue to explore different instruments and also different instrumental styles expanding out of the classical domain and into jazz, world music, traditional and popular styles to see what I can learn from them.

Over the years my work has been performed by numerous ensembles in Europe and North America including Concorde ensemble (Ireland), Crash ensemble (Ireland), Bradyworks (Canada), Percussemble (Germany) and Sepia ensemble (Poland). I have also worked/recorded closely with a great many wonderful musicians such as Lina Andonovska (flute), Kate Ellis (cello), Martin Johnson (cello), Adele Johnson (viola), Malachy Robinson (double bass), Michelle O’Rourke (mezzo soprano), Garth Knox (viola), Natasha Lohan (mezzo soprano), Rolf Hind (piano), Paul Roe (clarinet), Jane O’Leary (piano), Laura Moody (cello), Beau Stocker (percussion), Damien Harron (percussion), Panayiotis Demopoulos (piano), Valerie Pearson (violin), Elisabeth Smalt (adapted viola), Nathalie Forget (Ondes Martenot), Andre Leroux (tenor saxophone) and many more. See my LIVE page to find out who played on what.

© Laura Sheeran

For 3 years Laura Hyland and myself ran a bi-monthly night called Listen at Lilliput at Lilliput Press in Stoneybatter, Dublin. This was a platform for musicians, composers and soundartists of all descriptions to showcase new and old work in an intimate and sympathetic listening environment.

After completing my PhD by composition at the University of York, UK in 2009 I returned to Ireland to re-establish myself on the Irish music scene. Since then I have expanded my musical output by writing for theatre (OFF PLAN by Simon Doyle), putting together a multidisciplinary festival called Sensorium with two colleagues of mine from York, Angie Atmadjaja and Emily Kalies (as The-Link-Project) and being a band member of Clang Sayne and vocal trio Silver Kites.

For a list of works check out my LIVE page or head to my LISTEN page to hear a selection of my work. To purchase cd’s featuring my work check out my PURCHASE page.