Performed in Chicago by Access Contemporary Music as part of their Global Connections concert.

Global Connections: Ireland - "Swelt Belly At Dawn" - Judith Ring from ACM on Vimeo.

Performed by Concorde at the Hugh Lane Gallery. The performance took place on 18 September 2016 as part of Concorde’s 40th birthday concert celebration.

FLUX – jeux de bague
Video piece featuring my piece Flux – jeux de bague. A collaboration with Nathalie Forget on Ondes Martenot.

Coeur, Nathalie Forget, ondes Martenot, ondea and visual arts from Nat on Vimeo.

Performed by Kate Ellis on cello and Rory Tangney drawing at Phonica night, Smock Alley Theatre 2017.

Composition for cello and electronics by Judith Ring. Phonica is a Dublin-based poetry and music venture with an emphasis on multiformity and the experimental. Curated and hosted by Christodoulos Makris and Olesya Zdorovetska, Phonica aims to provide an outlet for the exploration and presentation of new ideas, a space where practitioners from different artforms can converse, and an environment conducive to collaborative enterprise and improvisation.


Documentary film by Benedict Schlepper-Connolly for the Journal of Music on the writing of “To Pull an Eerie Twist”, 2011.

Filmed and edited by Laura Sheeran for Ergodos records.

A promotional film for my debut album What Was on Ergodos records.

PLEASE REMAIN SEATED choreography by Anna Melander, music by Judith Ring

A collaboration with composer. Judith Ring Choreography Anna Melander. A city or village is a living organism with it’s own intricate rythm. We are all part of the organism called society.
You can listen to the original music here:

LOST AGAIN choreography by Anna Melander, music by Judith Ring

A collaboration with the composer Judith Ring dancers Anna Melander and Sarah Callow
You can listen to the original music here:

GONE – a video and sound installation project I made while on a residency at Akademie der Künste, Berlin’s Sommerakademie in 2003.

GONE from Judith Ring on Vimeo.

I spent two weeks hanging around a deserted, derelict factory in Rüdersdorf, Brandenburg, on the outskirts of Berlin. It was a desolate place, completely abandoned and it’s former function lost….gone…. It was a strange place to work and create a project but I found it visually stunning and so borrowed a video camera and started shooting everyday. This particular building caught my attention. I had to climb up a ladder to get into the space but each day there was a different lighting effect happening on the walls. It was also intensely quiet there so I made some recordings of found objects being thrown around within the space and elements being disturbed. This piece was exhibited in Rüdersdorf at the end of my residency alongside several other artists work and again at Akademie der Künste in Berlin as part of the Junge Akademie exhibition in 2003/4.


Interference Fabrik from Judith Ring on Vimeo.

Interference Fabrik from Judith Ring on Vimeo. This is some raw footage I shot on the grounds of the factory while on the residency as part of Akademie der Künste’s sommerakademie in 2003. For this video I have added a piece I wrote while working at the ADK studios in Berlin to the raw footage to help bring it to life. This is not a piece of video art. It is simply some fascinating footage of a profoundly beautiful derelict factory that I thought I would share. To me every shot is a work of art. A feast for the eyes. It is unedited and should be viewed from a purely observational point of view. A lot of clarity has been lost in the compression process but hopefully it will give some impression of my experience.